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We are Alex & Angie Jimenez, My husband and I are working on a passion project we named “ Free From Fear “. To give you some back story, I grew up going to “ Found “ a youth program at the International church of Las Vegas since i was 14, so my teenage years really consisted of creating core memories in the church. Through those years i really developed a lot of my character and went through things outside of the church that naturally acquired a lot of fear at a young age. At 16 I decided I wanted to make something that could impact our youth through clothing, not only in the church but in communities across the valley and with prayer came Free From Fear. 


       Five years ago, He set it before me and declared that there would be no more doubt and that this was what He had for me. I was so uncertain and completely questioned His calling on my life, and before I knew it the enemy stole what he knew the Lord was stewarding. Last year my husband and I sat down and talked about FFF and how it could impact a generation of young leaders freeing themselves of all of their worldly fears that our God has already taken care of, and the fights that he has already battled for us. Our vision for FFF is to become an outlet for believers all across the world and allow them to express themselves through clothing that doesn’t have violence plastered on it. We see a generation of young leaders with clothes that has meaning and that brings a community of young adults together with hunger to know more about our God. 

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